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Toscana Home Store

Toscana Home Store - innovating comfort and elegance.

At Toscana Home Store, our vision is to enrich people’s lives we touch through affordable luxurious furniture. Our mission is to provide you the best products and services at the best price. In order to achieve this, we provide a wide range of products for you to choose from, ensuring a one-stop shopping for your furniture needs from living room to dining room and bedroom. We believe that through our franchise with Kuka Home, we are able to provide you with the comfort of a great sofa for your living room that matches your room needs. Our broad selection of leather grades and colors enables you to have your sofa personalized according to your personality.

Our specialization is in transitional furniture, simplicity in terms of style that balances the then and now, a new category that is streamlined and comfortable.  At the intersection of traditional and contemporary, our products practically beg for mixing and matching materials to create your very own style. The furniture lines which simple and yet sophisticated, equating to a timeless design.




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